In the world of superyachts both the yachts and the tenders are built to fullfil client’s dreams defining the true nature of bespoke naval design and craftsmanship. Xtenders is one of the main players in the market of custom yacht tenders. Their philosophy is based on the lightweight design and use of the unique manufacturing techniques to reduce the environmental impact and improve perfomance of the tenders.

In 2012 I developed a 10m limousine tender concept for Xtenders that was meant to extend their portfolio to a new market segment. In short it was a multipurpose tender that combined the advantages of a luxury people carrier and a leisure vessel.

In 2012 Xtenders got an inquiry from a client who was interested in the 10m Limousine design. The yacht it was meant for was a stunning 88m Savannah, first hybrid propelled superyacht to be ever built. The design of Savannah was one of the most innovative of this decade, so should be of her tenders.

The challenge of this project was to shrink the design into a size of 9.3m in length and 1.55m in height without sacrificing the essential beginnings of the concept. Closely working together with Xtenders, the client and the carbon manufacturer I developed a new unique design that was launched in November of 2015.



88m Savannah by Feadhip

  • Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . Structeam (STL)/Vripack
Builder: Trimarine (Portugal)


Concept design

The original concept had to be taken apart and built up from scratch to fit it into the allowable size. Working closely with the client I redefined the design keeping the original values.

Product development

Working together with Vripack (Netherlands) and StrucTEAM (UK), who tackled the hardcore engineering, I detailed the design for manufacturing. In collaboration with Trimarine (Portugal) and Marstrom (Sweden) we developed a creative way to build a one off project in a cost-efficient way yet create a lightweight structure of the best quality.

Project management

From the first step I was responsible for the design path of the project up to the manufacturing of the carbon. The systems design and final assembly was performed by Xtenders.