My passion lies within the area of user orientated concept development that connects technology and users in a meaningful way. This philosophy brought me to a various mix of projects in fields of transportation design, branding and design process management.

All stages and facets of the design process starting from the first doodle up to product launch lie within my field of interest. In my projects I aim to achieve an efficient development trajectory yet looking for unique solutions beyond the common standards.


Since my early youth I recall myself doing two things: build stuff and being competitive in any way. Born in St. Petersburg (Russia) and currently based in the Netherlands I grew up around the water and developing affinity with watersports. Moving through Europe and being exposed to different environments I inevitably became a multidisciplinary designer with passion for technology, aesthetics and user experience. After graduation cum-laude from the faculty of Industrial Design at the Delft University of Technology in 2012 I am currently working in the fields of naval and product design.

Lately I have actively been working with Xtenders, a company that designs and builds custom superyacht tenders, to extend their portfolio and brand identity. Having a huge amount of creative freedom and working with great people resulted into a long-term collaboration and many unique designs.

Some of my clients